I can’t lose weight!

I have to say I’m really excited about this new technique Quantum Healing Hynosis Therapy that I came across while watching a link to Dolores Cannon’s youtube video about the New Earth.  WOW!!  This reaching your subconscious at a deep level where you can access different lifetimes to get messages from yourself!!!  Fascinating!!

Interesting the case studies she is talking about like weight issues being linked to starving in another life or being in charge of other people starving in another life.  Or putting on weight as being a protection devise to put a wall up between you and others??  What if you were sexually abused in a past life and you put this weight on to be unattractive??  What if overeating is just a key to somewhere your body is trying to tell you something??  Or you are putting an emotional barrier up because all mental emotional issues manifest in the physical??  What if this is simply inflammation??  A response to certain foods we call “allergies” but actually there residue from a past life there??  I remember a woman who had food allergies to everything that came from the Philippines.  Guess what that past life held a message she needed to know! What if you have a wheat allergy because you died in a wheat field in a past lifetime??  I don’t know but your body does and it will tell you in hypnosis therapy!

This is such an amazing tool to find those answers.  It’s so amazing your body knows what is going on and we are finally getting to a place where we know how to access THE ANSWERS!!

Life is AMAZING!!  I’m in the WOW ZONE ALL THE TIME!!  Giggles!

Here’s a link to her New Earth video.  This woman is right on with everything that has come through about where we are headed!

Highly recommend the 3 waves of volunteers video as well as her other books, video’s etc!  This is all information that has come through during her lifetime of research accessing the subconscious mind in her therapy sessions!!  Hugs!!

The Hologram

Remember stories of how they thought the world was flat? Then they thought it was round?  Then they realized it was a HOLOGRAM!!  A training camp all devised by God to develop our love for ourselves, each other, and God.  A beautiful system of energy where everything inside you reflected back in your “reality” through relationships, situations, spiritual tests, and karmic ties.  In the illusion things happened to you and in the world of energy it was a simply of reflection of you!  And then you started having experiences and you realized all these energetic cords were creating your world through frequency, vibration, and sounds.  A simple yet complicated system of positive of negative and positive charges all giving you the keys to your spiritual development.  You started to shift your perspective.  You realized everything in this hologram was by your design.  You saw where the lines of division between us were an illusion and in the world of energy we are all connected in a field together with each other and God.  There are no lines of division.  There are no systems of duality as created by the human ego.  And then it happened you completely understood that by doing your soul work you could change your destiny.  By shifting yourself your whole world would shift!  And so it began the process of looking inside for the answers . . . and your spirit began to radiate with the unconditional love in such a deep and profound way that nothing would ever be the same again.

Pagosa Springs Waterfall



These are pictures that catch a mere spectrum of that field.  It is only a fraction of what is really there!  As things shift in the galactic structure more and more spectrums of energy will be coming through to show us the world is much more than most people’s eyes physically see.  In truth the design of this time and space is merely to spiritually evolve.  This is an exciting time and place to be no doubt as we all do our soul work and raise our vibrations to radiate God’s love the hologram will no longer be necessary and we will raise into the next dimension which is more beautiful that we can imagine!  What is your outside world reflecting about you??  Come on let’s get higher!


Aura image

I have been using some meditation techniques by Wim Hof to consciously control my immune system.  He has been nicknamed the “Ice Man” for his several world records using exposure to cold as mind, body, experience training.  We went swimming in beautiful Sedona, AZ and the water was ice cold.  You know it is when the kids don’t swim lol 😉 but I had a beautiful experience!  This guy is amazing and he is teaching us how we are all capable of controlling our own immune system!!  Love you “Wim Hof” and of course totally grateful he has crossed my path.  Hope everyone realizes there own personal power.  You are stronger than you know!! ❤️

Guiding Light

My daughters and I were messing around the other day and took these pictures.  They are not photoshopped.  They did not come from an app.  They are pure unadulterated pictures. . . . trust me if I was going to alter something I would take out the toilet and the background lol.  They do show a spectrum of the energy field around us.  There are people who can see energy, some who can feel energy, and others who seem to know.  Whether you can do any of those things or not energy is still there affecting all of us just the same!!

guiding light!

The guiding light as well as the chakra rings and vortexes . . . in my opinion of course.


In beginning to feel energy just last year I have come upon a qwest to make connections between the physical, energetic, mental, and spirit.  I began to understand from different experiences that the world is much more than we see!!  I must say I am just an average girl with 3 beautiful children.  We took these pictures by lighting a candle at night and my youngest child building chi with a candle and breathwork.  Then we messed with the flash to see what we caught.  I would love to see what you all catch at home if you try this.  These kids have been great teachers in many ways.  Through educating myself I began to understand that a new evolution of children are being born . . . the indigo children.  As we expand into the new age they will expand exponentially on what is just being barely tapped into right now!

My little tribe!


I was hoping to design a simple little site but I can’t help but want to just give all kinds of information out about the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic self.  Seriously it’s an exciting world!  SO just a little tip if you want to get to the heart of things.  Hit the Mission Possible and Packages toolbar to get to the heart of things.  Thank you for visiting my site!

Self Healing

What if you simply needed a little information a change of mindset to completely change your life?  What if someone showed you exactly what you were storing in your body that was leading to disease, to unhappiness, to road block after road block??  We are all our own gatekeepers in life!  We have been programmed to give our personal power away for lifetimes.  Now is the time for the ascension through time and space into the next dimension.  Those who can access the power within will light the path and then be blown away by what is shown to us!!  Are you ready to let go of so many things in your way!!  You put them there you can remove them it’s simply knowing how to use the keys and opening your own doors.  We got this!!!