I want to talk openly about “channeling” because this is the first thing that started happening to me on my journey that I was seeking to understand. I think there have of course been abuses to “channeling” where people profess “God told me . . . ” and it’s just a manipulation of the human ego that leaves a bad taste in your mouth because there are always fakes in everything and we have to use our own internal compass to recognize truth. For this reason I don’t open up about it much but I think it’s important to realize it’s a real occurrence. Maybe you’ve had a “deja vu” moment or maybe you’ve known something was going to happen in the future or you get a “feeling” about something, a place, or someone. I have been working on a new exercise psychology and this song came through from the “cosmic universe” “god” or whatever you want to call it. In between about 3 to 6 am I am not really sleeping. I am in a state of consciousness I would call “in between” where sometimes messages come through. I believe my conscious mind is quiet enough to be open and allow things to come through. The messages are not from me. I know this and some of you on here understand because you “channel” too. 2 nights in a row these lyrics “in the air tonight” came through and I know this is the next song I will choreograph for the new wave of exercise I’m putting together. I started looking into the lyrics meaning. Phil Collins does’t know this but he is writing about the ego drowning in the song. The lies we all create by it, seeing your ego working trying to fool you keeping up your own game and the release of it’s illusions. This is where we are in the ascension of the planet! Let the ego drown!!! He “channeled” the whole song. “Channeling” is not a supernatural power of some weird bullshit. There is a state of consciousness where information flows that most people do not access. Mainly because we are not educated about it and it is difficult to talk about when you realize 99% of people do not understand and will think your full or shit. If you start being open to it you will see it popping up in places like this article where Phil Collins states himself he doesn’t know where it came from. It just spontaneously happened nor does he recognize YET what the lyrics are truly about. “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life. Hold on!”

“Ouspensky” is a name that kept coming through in channeling just before this song “in the air tonight”. I have never heard this name “Ouspensky” before so I know it’s not from me. The reading coincided with the lyrics from Phil Collins song. This is a couple pages from his book “The psychology of mans possible evolution” that explains the different states of consciousness.



You can see from the lyrics of Phil Collins song “it’s all been a pack of lies” exactly how God is working to connect the dots. Here’s another page from the Ouspensky book.



I know it feels like the world is in upheaval and uncertainty but these are exciting times in our evolution. Major shake ups are sometimes what it takes for him to get our attention. God is amazing! I am in his WOW zone all the time. “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where neither moth not rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;”. Matthew 6:20. I do not believe heaven is a physical place. I believe it’s a state of mind!! Unconditional love, forgiveness, bliss, peace, wisdom, light that we define by words but it’s truly a frequency, a vibration, a song your soul sings and only when you fully release the ego can you radiate that feeling!! What barriers has your ego put in your own way?!? Start looking start asking YOURSELF. God has no welfare system you must become it!!



Interesting he mentions our children learning these negative emotional systems from US. Watch yourself fall into them just for fun! See how we hang onto them . . . What if there was a community all focused on positive vibrations?!? A movement out of these old systems . . . What would we be creating for ourselves!!! It’s up to US!!! God is waiting for us to move ourselves back into the garden of Eden.  PEACE!

Finding Karmic Ties and Spiritual Lessons

I have found this breathwork and meditation technique has sped up my results for finding my ego triggers. After you do the power breaths and take that 5 minutes to do the body scan that’s when I look inside my chakra’s for my karmic lessons and spiritual tests. I use my triggers . . . the things that bug me about other people . . . to look inside myself. Your judgements, your hot buttons, your rubs with other people are like a road map to your own ego bullshit. I don’t just simply try not to get in the wheel of judgement’s or triggers I see why I’m getting in the wheel because it’s something I haven’t learned yet. You can’t just simply say oh that’s not being a nice person and move on . . . it will keep coming back until you recognize you either have behaviors of the asshole you made judgements about or your weak in yourself somewhere and who’s really getting you going is you!! Like be giving but don’t be a doormat . . . be strong in yourself but not overly aggressive . . . balance sounds easy bahaha!! I like to use at least 2 rounds one to find my ego trigger and release any negative emotions from myself. I visualize them all traveling down my spine into the black hole. It’s important to not stay in the guilt, shame, anger when you find you’re an asshole lol. It’s a lesson not a space to stay. The next round I fill myself with love . . . sometimes I picture God pouring out his consciousness from a big vase into my soul. I feel it filling me up from toes up every space every nook and cranny. Shining my light as bright as I can so we all can make each other stronger and God. We are all a flicker of his flame and the more you feed the spirit the brighter and stronger yours burns making his fire bigger and yours. Peace!

Chi Energy Manipulation

I have been watching video’s on chi energy manipulation just expanding my mind all the time and what we are capable of and I do think we are all capable of this!  It’s just a matter of purifying yourself.  When your recognize how interconnected we are together and start doing your soul work this makes total sense.  There are principles in here that are good no matter what your religion.  I do believe that this is a key to what’s coming in the next step in the ascension of the planet!  Protecting yourself by doing no harm!!  It’s exciting what we are on the brink of . . .

Eden Energy Medicine

Just got back from Module 3 of my first year studying Eden Energy Medicine!  I really can’t say enough about Donna Eden and her program or all the information she has available on the internet.  You can do so much to empower yourself by simply plugging into her books, video clips, and actually taking the time to do the self work.  Not only does she see the energetic field around us but she has studied the ancient principles that have been lost through time.  I say lost but I really think they have been hidden from us.  Here’s a clip of her 5 minute energy routine that I do everyday.  These are routines she found herself continually giving people for all types of health problems.  All the points relate to accupressure points as found in Eastern medicine.  I am so grateful my life led me to her and I am able to take her classes!  There really is so much though that someone just wanting to use this for their family could do on their own just watching her youtube video’s!!  Fascinating and empowering!!

SuperMoons and Blood Moons

The next super moon is happening September 27th!  I took this picture from the last full moon and thought it was so cool to see the portal for the electromagnetic energy.  There is a lot of scientific information about the moons and it’s effect on the earth.  Everything is interconnected in the world in ways we never imagined.  We really are just now beginning to understand this or really it’s just the time for it to be unveiled.  Many cultures have understood how this works intuitively without science but I love to know the how’s and why’s of everything.   God, science, and astrology is all the leading us to the same place!!  They are all saying coming to the conclusion that everything is ENERGY, FREQUENCY, VIBRATION!

Super Moon







Here’s a couple of links on the different moons and as always I think research is the best method.  Deciding your own personal truth!

This is the last of the red moons that have occurred all starting in 2014.  Each of these have occurred on a Jewish holiday.  I do believe that this is not a mark of the Apocalypse but a beginning in the shift of consciousness.  A breaking of barriers that have been imposed on us.  A speeding up of the awakening of the planet.  I’m excited for the future of this planet!

I can’t lose weight!

I have to say I’m really excited about this new technique Quantum Healing Hynosis Therapy that I came across while watching a link to Dolores Cannon’s youtube video about the New Earth.  WOW!!  This reaching your subconscious at a deep level where you can access different lifetimes to get messages from yourself!!!  Fascinating!!

Interesting the case studies she is talking about like weight issues being linked to starving in another life or being in charge of other people starving in another life.  Or putting on weight as being a protection devise to put a wall up between you and others??  What if you were sexually abused in a lifetime and you put this weight on to be unattractive??  What if overeating is just a key to somewhere your body is trying to tell you something??  Or you are putting an emotional barrier up because all mental emotional issues manifest in the physical??  What if this is simply inflammation??  A response to certain foods we call “allergies” but actually there residue from a past life there??  I remember a woman who had food allergies to everything that came from the Philippines.  That lifetime held a message she needed to know!  It could even be karma from this lifetime.  What if you made judgement’s about people who were “fat” . . . all karma returns and completes a wheel.  You will be put in the position where you cannot lose weight to feel those judgement’s against you and until you truly unconditionally love yourself with the weight it’s not going anywhere.  No lessons disappear until they teach you what you need to know!!  Guess what your lifetimes hold messages you need to know! What if you have a wheat allergy because you died in a wheat field in a past lifetime??  I don’t know but your body does and it will tell you in hypnosis therapy!

This is such an amazing tool to find those answers.  It’s so amazing your body knows what is going on and we are finally getting to a place where we know how to access THE ANSWERS!!

Life is AMAZING!!  I’m in the WOW ZONE ALL THE TIME!!  Giggles!

Here’s a link to her New Earth video.  This woman is right on with everything that has come through about where we are headed!

Highly recommend the 3 waves of volunteers video as well as her other books, video’s etc!  This is all information that has come through during her lifetime of research accessing the subconscious mind in her therapy sessions!!  Hugs!!

The Hologram

Remember stories of how they thought the world was flat? Then they thought it was round?  Then they realized it was a HOLOGRAM!!  A training camp all devised by God to develop our love for ourselves, each other, and God.  A beautiful system of energy where everything inside you reflected back in your “reality” through relationships, situations, spiritual tests, and karmic ties.  In the illusion things happened to you and in the world of energy it was a simply of reflection of you!  And then you started having experiences and you realized all these energetic cords were creating your world through frequency, vibration, and sounds.  A simple yet complicated system of positive of negative and positive charges all giving you the keys to your spiritual development.  You started to shift your perspective.  You realized everything in this hologram was by your design.  You saw where the lines of division between us were an illusion and in the world of energy we are all connected in a field together with each other and God.  There are no lines of division.  There are no systems of duality as created by the human ego.  And then it happened you completely understood that by doing your soul work you could change your destiny.  By shifting yourself your whole world would shift!  And so it began the process of looking inside for the answers . . . and your spirit began to radiate with the unconditional love in such a deep and profound way that nothing would ever be the same again.

Pagosa Springs Waterfall



These are pictures that catch a mere spectrum of that field.  It is only a fraction of what is really there!  As things shift in the galactic structure more and more spectrums of energy will be coming through to show us the world is much more than most people’s eyes physically see.  In truth the design of this time and space is merely to spiritually evolve.  This is an exciting time and place to be no doubt as we all do our soul work and raise our vibrations to radiate God’s love the hologram will no longer be necessary and we will raise into the next dimension which is more beautiful that we can imagine!  What is your outside world reflecting about you??  Come on let’s get higher!