Crystal, Indigo, and Star Children

I got introduced to this concept of Indigo Children a few years ago when I started having experiences with energy.  I am assuming that most of you who have found me are also aware of their presence.  If not you can find lot’s of information online, books, and video’s to further your understanding and knowledge.  I discovered even my own children displayed so many of their characteristics!  I started noticing other children who displayed the characteristics of this next wave of children here to help us with the Ascension of the Planet as we move into the age of Enlightenment.  This is my daughter Kiera about a year ago at a jewelry making party.  There was lots of natural and man made stones, gems, and sparkling treasures that lit her up!  In fact if she ever gets any money she wants to head to the metaphysical shop and buy a crystal.  She is naturally so grounded in the Earth!


About a week ago I opened up the door to her room and found a medicine wheel looking arrangement of stones.  I decided to video her as I have seen many of these on you tube.  I feel like awareness is key to recognizing the gifts of these children.  Here’s the link to her explaining her medicine wheel in her room.

She is extremely telepathic and has been somewhat of a medium between my family and my dad who died before she was born.  There is natural connection between the two of them.  They actually have the same sense of humor.  She will throw comments about him into conversations . . . things she would not know!!  So cool when it happens too!

I happened to have text a picture of me at a full moon ceremony to family member who is also highly connected spiritually.  We started to text about the biggest orb closest to me by my shoulders.  He asked me if I thought that was my moon?  I actually wasn’t sure but I am sure we all miniature galaxies . . . beyond the illusion of the physical body.  I really think he knew intuitively that was my moon.  However neither of us was sure and all of this transpired over text while I was cooking and my girls were running around the house.


Kiera came over to me though with this sketched out on a napkin.  She went into a beautiful explanation of all the representations on her drawing.  There is no way she knew on a conscious level our conversation!


She told me my moon was in the higher hand while the sun was in the other hand!  The flower represents Earth and the lines are the connections to multiple dimensions.  There are codes in my heart to unlock all the doors.  Pretty fascinating how the universe conspires to answer all questions!!  I know there are more people out there too who have children like mine.  The school system has misdiagnosed so many of them.  I am lucky I have home schooled and sent them to a Waldorf Style School with the most amazing teachers.  However not all these children are like that and the system wants to label them and tell parents “something is wrong with them.”

Even with my older daughter Roxie pictured in the middle has shown special gifts.  I have watched her gifts diminish as she moves deeper into ego rather than spirit.  A few years ago she could see and would talk about the matrix.  “Mom there’s all these cords connecting everyone together.”  Fascinating listening her go into representation of the energetic world.  However she has shut down so much of that as she struggles to fit in with “normal” society.



She is also on the extremely high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Roxie has given herself this as a karmic tie and deepening of her love during this lifetime.  In her past life she was a great leader and powerful king!  There are great spiritual tests here and positions of  great power require deep inner strength.  She fell into some of those ego traps during that lifetime and became arrogant, lazy, and pompous.  She started to lack empathy for others in their challenges.  Labeling and hurting others with her comments of “stupidity”.  Even in her natural state she very much wants to be in control of herself, the household, and others.  Her way is the right way . . . and me being her mom recognizing there is no right way as we all find our own way that is right for us is frustrating for her!  In many ways she is brilliant and amazing though!  She has amazing mathematical capabilities and is a talented artist.  However she struggles with reading and writing as any child with a learning challenge does.  This is her own battle to fight with feeling “stupid”.  She works very hard at school and hates feeling like she is not at least on the same level as her peers.  All negative emotions create an energy and effect the cellular physical structure whether they are for ourselves or others.  Can you imagine a child who feels “stupid, angry, frustrated” at school all day long?


Roxie truly is so very borderline on the autism spectrum that beyond a few mannerisms you would never know she struggles with a learning disability.  These challenges will ultimately deepen her unconditional love for others who struggle in certain area’s.  She must deeply love herself even when those grades show up that show she is not as “smart” as her peers.  The comparative mind will lead her down the wrong path if she cannot see it’s twisty turns telling her “She is not good enough”.  We all rate ourselves against each other as it is a test must like suffering designed to see our way out of!  She also has to recognize she is not perfect as we are all imperfect forgive and love herself exactly as she is as well as others.  There are many reasons this dimension is here and by design leads us to deeper levels of strength in unconditional love, compassion, joy, peace, and so many other things but the path has to be understood not deeply misunderstood!

We as parents must be conscious and direct our children into deeper levels of their gifts!  The normal system would have labeled both of my daughters.  They would not fit in and so ADHD, Autism, or the many other restricting thoughts would have inflicted their growth and development.  I am currently working on a Conscious Curriculum.  I hope to partner with my daughter’s school and have an online curriculum available by Summer 2017.  These are exciting times we are in but the current systems must start teaching these beautiful children of how the mental, emotional, spiritual/energetic, and physical bodies work together.  The true working of the universe need to be given to this new generation to expand on and move fully into this new Age Of Enlightenment.  Exciting times are here and the key codes can be found directly in our own heart!


I will be updating my blog with new releases of learning sets as I develop both the online programs and children’s books.  If you are interested in staying tuned into these projects as they come available please sign up with your email address keep up on my facebook page!

Gratitude and love,



Multidimensional Experiences with Crop Circles

My beloved teacher Linda Evans at the Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts has posted this article on this beautiful crop circle on her facebook feed.  This certainly has spurred a lot of thoughts that I’m so grateful for and want to share! . . . as I think others will have their own and experience that same gratitude, love and growing internal awareness.


If you would like to access more pictures here’s the link:

There have been and continue to be many forms of crop circles showing up as a form of communication multidimensionally which is really so cool!!  We all have our own meaning to be gained by symbols and they speak to us at the level of consciousness or space we are currently holding.  That means it speaks to the viewer from there internal perspective!  The confined lines of human language as finding answers right or wrong dissolve and we can truly uncover that all along there never has been a right or wrong.  Right and wrong and in fact all duality is a system we created incarnating here with the human ego.  That’s one of the spiritual tests of this dimension seeing beyond it . . . like a bunch of games you create to see your way out of and in the process you gain STRENGTH you would not have developed without the experience.  YAY!


So what did I find from this gorgeous crop circle and I hope you all will explore your own!  It’s so important we all find our own truths as we move into these new states of consciousness.

andcropcircecloserMy personal meaning:

As we shift into the light ages and out of the dark ages we will raise our frequency and vibration becoming unconditional love, joy, forgiveness, peace, compassion, as well as balancing ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically/spiritually.  This will connect us to all forms of life as everything is frequency and vibration.  The whole reason a crop circle shows up without us seeing a “space ship” come in and create anything is because it’s frequency and vibration is too fast for our dense dimension to see!!  Think about a bullet it’s traveling so fast we can’t see it but we know it’s there when we see the result of it connecting to something.  So as we as spirits in a physical body raise our own personal vibrations we will in terms of physics be spinning faster and be able to connect with all forms of life . . . yes in human terms I mean aliens!  As it will allow us to see and interact multidimensionally.  This is represented in the crop circle by the center image representing Earth and the triangles the breaking away into new Earth.  We will see that our astrological charts and beyond that current knowledge is full of misinformation and the time of truth will shine!  Exciting times are coming!!!

My teacher asked me a second question of who was responsible for this.  I love that question!  I think as humans we think along these lines because we have been trained to think there is a who . . . We are all spirits who have incarnated here many times as well as multidimensionally. We choose a form, planet, experience to deepen our spiritual growth. So being that we are all interconnected as mirrors of each other my pea brain had a hard time identifying who in terms of this dimension. Who is much like the term of time and space to me. There is no time and space yet there is lol!  So let me frame this in reference to planet Earth.  It’s like asking are the black or white people responsible for this?  When all I see is a spirit an energetic being who’s incarnated many times in many different ways both as white and black to deepen their compassion and love not a physical black or white person.  But that’s the cool thing about duality because they are using that black or white physical incarnation to do spiritual work in this time and space continuum.  So do you see there is a who but there is no who lol.

So who is the who?  Sure enough that next morning it came through Andromeda or Andromedians.  Which connecting to cosmic consciousness I find that many times if I just put out the question without expectations the answer will just come.  I love it when it comes through like this too where it’s a name I have never heard of because I know I can trust it’s the cosmic consciousness not my ego.  I decided to google them this morning and this article popped up first thing!  Our galaxy set to collide with the Andromeda galaxy . . . wow how cool!  Here’s the link:

Everyone can do this!  I am not special . . . all the answers are inside us it’s simply removing the barriers we have placed against it.  A little side note about us being our own barriers.  If you find nothing comes through watch the emotions you hold against yourself.  If you’re frustrated and angry you are not having experiences multidimensionally that is a space you reject yourself and divide yourself from unconditional love.  Be present in whatever comes up and immerse yourself in love as you are in that moment feeling whatever emotions come up by not being able to connect as you know you are capable of.  You will never be able to connect until you are fully unconditional love in the space you experience exactly as you are.  Your thoughts, energy, emotions and physical state must be in alignment with unconditional love in order to jump that hurdle.

So there purpose here is to raise awareness that other life forms are using our tools and there’s to bridge the gap between us.  The next time you see a crop circle find your own meaning and connect to the cosmic consciousness inside you!  We are used to having physical conversations but the new age will be full of telepathic conversations.  That means you can converse with the Andromeda galaxy right here right now.  No fancy space ship . . . no set of language barriers . . . nothing holding you back.  Meditate on the symbol and create the space to have a multidimensional healing experience today🙂 . . . the universe is waiting to connect with you!


Big love,



“Take Me To Church”

One of my favorite songs is this beauty by Hozier “Take Me To Church”.  You know I used to just cringe every time I would see my ego popping up.  My days would seem to be spent on this little brigade of finding all my inadequacies and then burying myself in things like guilt or shame maybe sprinkle some low self worth or one of the many other negative feelings you can decorate yourself with!  I had an energy healing session that I had never quite put together until recently.  I was “traveling” to get messages I needed to receive to further my spiritual growth.  You can do this too on yourself at home during meditation and get your own messages.  I do not believe someone has to facilitate a healing for you.  They can help you assist you but once you know the tools you can access different states of consciousness yourself.  You know I think I’ll throw in a few tips right here on how to do this for anyone wandering.

How do I lead myself into getting messages? . . . Doreen Cannon has a great DVD called “Group Therapy Hypnosis”.  This is a treasure if you are just beginning to explore different states of consciousness.  Here’s a few simple steps but know there are many methods you could use . . .

  1. Lay down and get comfortable where you can deeply relax.
  2. Ask for all of your guides, angels, God (this will vary according to your belief system so insert in whoever corresponds with your beliefs) that may be to assist you in the healing.  Set your intention on the receiving the message that is for the higher good in all ways.
  3. Now start visualizing things and it does NOT matter what you decide to use.  Pink elephants, purple flowers, just pick some things to fully visualize and immerse yourself in deeply using all of your senses.  Maybe it’s the ocean and you are feeling the sand between your toes.  What does the air smell like?  How does the sun feel on your skin?  Who is with you?  Are there any tastes in your mouth?  Can you hear the waves crashing, the people, the birds?
  4. When you are fully able to leave your conscious mind by visualizing different spaces leave the scene and if you imagined the ocean you could easily decide to float away from it on a cloud.  Now decide when you are ready to step off the cloud and who knows maybe you float for a while and enjoy how this feels . . . maybe a message comes through here.  Or maybe you step off into a different scene and then you let this scene unfold on it’s own!
  5. There are no rules and no set order of things follow your intuition!

So here’s what happened for this particular healing.  When I opened up that next layer of consciousness and stepped off into that different scene I found myself on the ground being beaten.  I looked up to see who it was and that split second before I got kicked in the face I recognized who it was . . . IT WAS ME!  I was beating myself up.  I had hit my spiritual awakening and could see my ego operating ALL over the place and I hated me for it!  I thought that’s what we are here for you know to completely get rid of that sucker.  But I missed the point!!

In seeing my ego operate that’s what allows me to fully love others because I know I do the same things!  You ever had a conversation talking about people who talk about people . . . giggles!  Oh we are funny little operators lol!

Guess what though I couldn’t fully love myself because I spent all that time hating myself for all of my shortcomings.  I would say that too . . . I just wish I could kill my ego . . . crush that side of myself.  Oh dear lord!  I had no idea it’s in truly seeing it that’s the most beautiful part of my journey.  Otherwise I would just be on my high horse.  I’m better than everyone else.  I’m spiritual on a higher conscious bahaha.  Can we please start calling it unity consciousness lol???

So what happens now when I see my ego pop up.  I move deeply into unconditional love and I’ll use an example here to show you how cool this dimension and God’s design is at orchestrating all of this!  You could apply this to a million things everyday though.  I know I do it all the time!!

There’s something that happens when I go work out . . . it’s this rating system between everyone going on at the gym, yoga studio, dance studio, wherever it’s everywhere!  There’s a beautiful young girl that is a very talented dancer at the fitness studio I work out at and let me tell you she’s got a perfect body and perfect moves and a perfect face🙂 and that natural instinct pops up to be just be like gah you’re so perfect I just don’t like you lol.  I am not as perfect as this little gem lol but I’m athletic and tall so these judgement’s against me I have felt many times over.  Why am I here feeling that way about her when I know what it feels like?  Here I am though feeling like jeesh here’s this perfect little beautiful person and it’s getting my ego to fall into that jealous resentful person.  And here’s the cool puzzle piece that escaped me for so long!  How can I unconditionally love others deeply without seeing this in myself?  How can I unconditionally feel compassion for this beautiful talented girl who is no doubt feeling the jealousy and resentment of many girls in the gym?  How can I unconditionally love others when they are doing that same thing to me . . . laying on their anger and jealousy against me? That’s the ticket right there to take that moment the ego is trying to divide and deeply envelop both sides in unconditional love and forgiveness!

I do believe there are good points to religions but one thing I have always felt about church.  They have taken the truth and used our sins to push us deeper into shame and low self worth.  Who’s more holy?  Who’s better?  Here tell us how terrible you are so you can feel guilt ridden and ashamed of yourself!

God does not operate that way.  This dimension is designed to push us deeper into unconditional love and forgiveness!!  To remove all obstacles and barriers we have placed against ourselves and others.  There are no judgement’s only love between me and everyone at the fitness studio now because I am the judger and the judged.  Only in truly seeing my ego operate can I see how unified we are in reflecting each other.  But rather than allowing those moments to push me into anger and shame for myself I have turned them into forgiveness and unconditional love for myself and others!  This creates another great space gratitude and bliss to be here, and able to see it, feel it, be it!  That’s the god/goddess inside us that vibration and frequency that can only be experienced here through us.  :)  Exponentially expanding breaking all barriers of time and space!

“No masters or kings when the ritual begins, there is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin, in the madness and soil of that earthly scene, only then I am human, only then I am clean. Amen. Amen. Amen.”  Hozier

There are so many chances every day to move out of those lower emotions and deeply into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE and BLISS!


Big love,



Is Your Energy Feeding the New World Order?

There is a lot of talk about the Illuminati and the New World Order and now more specifically ways on breaking through the net.  What I haven’t seen talked about yet is the actual energetic feeding that is happening!  Have you ever noticed the news is always very depressing.  They seem to just focus on every horrific story that happens!!  The illuminati is feeding off of your negative emotions.  They are controlling you, living off of you financially, and energetically sucking off of your field.  This is happening on a microscopic level of course in your every day life between you and others.  Which I want to make it very clear we aren’t not doing this consciously.  This system happening behind the veil of light versus dark or good versus evil is all going on unknown to us!  Part of protecting your light body is learning how to protect your field.  Become conscious of how your energy shifts in your day to day activities and when you interact with others!

You have to engage in the New World Order energy feeding in order for them to feed off of your energy.  For example, you watch the news and ISIS has just done some horrific act. Maybe it’s a shooting that just happened at a local school or a million other negative things.  You immediately feel powerless, sad, depressed, or angry just to name a few things.  That’s where the transfer of energy happens right there when you move from a higher state of emotions like joy, peace, love, etc. to the negative emotions.  This serves their purpose in a couple of ways.  You feed them your good positive energy and you also become distracted from your purpose here as you get involved in things you have no control over.  Not only that but the media is filling you will the idea you have no power and no control over these events.  We are all victims!  That’s where the control is . . . and you start a set of false belief systems.  “I am powerless.  I have no control.  The world is a terrible place.”  They are depending on you engaging in the programming.  They are distracting you from you’re true purpose here on Earth breaking through the programming, becoming a conscious creator, using the evil or darkness to train you to become stronger.  All thoughts form energy and energy becomes reality.  We are consciously creating a world where we are powerless, have no control, and is full of the most terrible events!

This dimension was designed to create spiritual warriors but everyone’s distracted by the media, by the sick care, by the contaminated food supplies, by lifetimes of limiting belief systems, lost in a sea of negative emotions . . . that they are unconsciously engaging in everyday.  Looking to a God to save them . . . God isn’t going to save us he’s not a welfare system.  God is pushing us to become the light bodies and conscious creators we are all designed to be!!  He’s handing you the shovel everyday.  He can’t do it for you.  You are like a child and if everything is given to you guess what happens . . . you don’t learn how to do it yourself and that’s where the STRENGTH is and your energy is directly connected to his!  The only way is to get real with yourself . . . stop letting the system drain your energy, stop eating contaminated foods that make you sick, the never ending wheel of consumerism stop running you ragged, break free from your own lies and the lies of the system, heal on all levels and move into the great being you were designed to be!  You are what is holding you in their control!  You choose to be their puppet and play their game.  Are you angry at the system?  You just jumped in their wheel.  Do you feel like you can’t do anything about it?  Powerless?  You just jumped in their wheel.

What if we a started a new media system that focused on all the good things happening in the world!  The new inventions that are happening to end pollution and create free energy.  The people everywhere doing acts of loving kindness.  The truth of our purpose of being here to spiritually evolve and grow.  How we are all conscious creators and everything here is responding to our thoughts, belief systems, mirroring spaces of soul work, breaking through karma and seeing all the spaces we haven’t yet become unconditional love or conscious creator’s yet . . . opening our chakra’s by jumping through the hoop they were designed to push us into . . . the places we haven’t yet conquered in our own development.  What if we focused on raising our own vibrations rather than getting lost in the New World Order.  God’s handing you the shovel . . . you going to keep digging the hole for the illuminati?!?  You’re probably running their programming and you don’t even know it.

Stop giving your personal power away to the system that has been trying to divide us in every way.  That includes God . . . you’ve been taught lies that there is a heaven and a hell.  Be a good person, ask for forgiveness and those pearly white gates will be there when you die.  You just have to make it through this lifetime . . . walking through waiting for that big moment.  Well yes and no . . . life and death is simply a vehicle to learn how to become unconditional love, forgiveness, joy, peace and to jump those spaces you haven’t quite gotten yet where you’re giving your personal power away or you are living in the ego rather than the spirit.  Don’t worry you will keep incarnating here until you get IT!  And you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to SEE it or BE it!  There is no past or present only this moment.  There is no heaven or hell only what we create in the NOW!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  Gandi

human energy field
Ignite your inner healer!



Crisis Consciousness

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to put a post on here! I am currently home schooling 2 beautiful girls 7 and 10. My husband and I run a family business around his life passion. My kids are very involved in dance and they attend 6 classes a week at our local dance studio. I have been writing a book, studying energy, working on a new exercise psychology fusing the physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual bodies together, and I am constantly studying energy and doing healing work! I also have started a facebook page with great free self healing tips, articles, and programs available you can find under Soulstrippers or My world is a constant on the go! I am so grateful for the experiences of awakening but waking up has also introduced me to a whole new world full of discovery. And I am an open ended explorer constantly reaching deeper and deeper levels of understanding. Seeing new meanings many times in things I thought I had understood before but recognizing that in shifting new levels of perception come into play!  I totally love and I am so grateful for my awakening . . . seeing my repeat patterns loving and forgiving myself for them just as I am in my messy ways . . . and taking back my personal power in my life has been nothing short of AMAZING!

I love Melanie Evans and just watched this little clip about Crisis Consciousness. And this is where I am going with explaining all of that to you.  It really hit home with me because guess what I’ve been doing my own self healing work on . . . every time I sit down to watch a movie, facebook, color with my kids, or hang out, just really anything where I don’t feel the time is qualified as “useful, productive, worthy” I have heart chakra shut downs. I cannot shut down and I never understood how hurtful this was until I started feeling chakra openings and shut downs. Here’s the other interesting thing about thinking and energy. My conscious mind my thinky thinky self says I can relax . . . my energetic field cannot relax. And we can lie to ourselves the mind can be the greatest trickster😉 but energy never lies. The beautiful and interesting thing about the universe is once you put the question out there the answer always shows up in some form. I think this “crisis consciousness” is very common . . . even in those people who have never been involved with the dance between the empath and narcissist. Especially as we realize we have lifetimes of belief systems, behavior patterns, and programs where survival in crisis consciousness got deeply ingrained in our DNA.

Here’s the energetic connection that I’ve been working on . . . and I must say this has been the most stubborn shut down I’ve had to deal with!  The heart chakra is always open when we are loving unconditionally ourselves and others.  Conditional love is based on the premise that you need to perform or be certain ways to be loved!  In the way I was raised I feel this strong tie to my mother.  She also cannot sit down . . . love you mom . . . we share the same programming lol!  Beyond sharing a lot of boring details about her upbringing and mine or lifetimes of “stuff” the root belief is based on a conditional love system.  In order to be loved you must be doing something of value.  This is where people I think can get in a sticky situation of the blame game if they do not understand we picked our parents, our spouses, our family as messengers of the unhealed spaces where we need to do our own personal work.  It’s not about if I felt unloved by my mother if I was not doing something productive . . . it is completely me.  I don’t love myself unless I am doing something that I see as valuable in my own mind and that’s a love based on conditions . . . and there I am feeling my heart chakra shut down and that physical pressure where I feel like I’m sitting on my own heart!  The true brain of our bodies . . . making it harder for it to pump and just constricting my own blood flow to my body which feeds so many different area’s with nutrients, oxygen, you know some pretty important functions lol!

Unconditional love would open that chakra right up . . . and there I am doing healing work on myself quantum, EFT, emotion code, meditation, . . . there are lots of paths but the end result always comes down to this simple format.  I have to love myself and forgive myself first in the space of dysfunctional conditional love. . . the girl hanging out on the couch sitting down “being lazy” just as I am in that moment with that heart chakra wound tight . . . allowing all those emotions self talk reeling around in my head from lifetimes (and you may find that you use your parents/spouse/families/friends words as a key to find your own self talk but understand they are simply the messenger to seeing your own negative self talk/belief systems/patterns) to just recognize it accept it allow it to flow which EFT is great for this . . . which I repress emotions so deeply embracing emotions allowing myself to FEEL is pretty novel for me . . . I think that’s totally common too which I could say a lot on that too but let’s focus on this crossed circuit with linking being loved to constantly being on the go mode!  It’s so funny too because I look at my life consciously and feel like wow you know I’m burning a lot of candles.  But my subconscious mind is constantly feeling like I didn’t get enough done, I’m not enough, I’m not doing enough! . . . and we continue to create the subconscious energetic patterns as a reflection in our world.  That’s why it’s important to see through your own self lies and connect to yourself on a deeper level of truth.  That’s where the healing and true balance can move you from conditional love to unconditional love.

Just a side note on this idea of balance . . . I came into this lifetime to heal my “crisis consciousness” and it manifested as the “can’t sit down” but the “can’t get going” is the same problem just the opposite end of the spectrum.  You may have a parent who was the “can’t sit down” perhaps you didn’t feel loved in this sense because you were always labeled as “lazy”.  So feeling loved on conditions you created your own energetic ties where you are lazy and unable to get motivated.  You don’t love yourself unconditionally in that space of where “you can’t get going”.  You probably picked a spouse that’s a “can’t sit down” who’s constantly making you feel unloved because you “can’t get going” but it’s always about you!  And unconditional love moving you back into balance with yourself and others.  I do not believe you can shift your patterns until you deeply unconditionally love, forgive and accept yourself and others in the messy dysfunctional ways that conditional love manifests itself.  It’s so simple why unconditional love and forgiveness is the key . . . and the chakra’s are the spiritual tests as guide posts to complete balance and fully moving into the rainbow body.

I’m excited to have watched this little treasure today. You can watch the youtube video yourself right here if you feel like you are that person who can’t shut down and this resonates with you!  Melanie Evans is also a great healer for those who find themselves in narcissistic relationships.  She has helped me on my path in many ways🙂


I want to talk openly about “channeling” because this is the first thing that started happening to me on my journey that I was seeking to understand. I think there have of course been abuses to “channeling” where people profess “God told me . . . ” and it’s just a manipulation of the human ego that leaves a bad taste in your mouth because there are always fakes in everything and we have to use our own internal compass to recognize truth. For this reason I don’t open up about it much but I think it’s important to realize it’s a real occurrence. Maybe you’ve had a “deja vu” moment or maybe you’ve known something was going to happen in the future or you get a “feeling” about something, a place, or someone. I have been working on a new exercise psychology and this song came through from the “cosmic universe” “god” or whatever you want to call it. In between about 3 to 6 am I am not really sleeping. I am in a state of consciousness I would call “in between” where sometimes messages come through. I believe my conscious mind is quiet enough to be open and allow things to come through. The messages are not from me. I know this and some of you on here understand because you “channel” too. 2 nights in a row these lyrics “in the air tonight” came through and I know this is the next song I will choreograph for the new wave of exercise I’m putting together. I started looking into the lyrics meaning. Phil Collins does’t know this but he is writing about the ego drowning in the song. The lies we all create by it, seeing your ego working trying to fool you keeping up your own game and the release of it’s illusions. This is where we are in the ascension of the planet! Let the ego drown!!! He “channeled” the whole song. “Channeling” is not a supernatural power of some weird bullshit. There is a state of consciousness where information flows that most people do not access. Mainly because we are not educated about it and it is difficult to talk about when you realize 99% of people do not understand and will think your full or shit. If you start being open to it you will see it popping up in places like this article where Phil Collins states himself he doesn’t know where it came from. It just spontaneously happened nor does he recognize YET what the lyrics are truly about. “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life. Hold on!”

“Ouspensky” is a name that kept coming through in channeling just before this song “in the air tonight”. I have never heard this name “Ouspensky” before so I know it’s not from me. The reading coincided with the lyrics from Phil Collins song. This is a couple pages from his book “The psychology of mans possible evolution” that explains the different states of consciousness.



You can see from the lyrics of Phil Collins song “it’s all been a pack of lies” exactly how God is working to connect the dots. Here’s another page from the Ouspensky book.



I know it feels like the world is in upheaval and uncertainty but these are exciting times in our evolution. Major shake ups are sometimes what it takes for him to get our attention. God is amazing! I am in his WOW zone all the time. “store up for yourselves treasure in heaven, where neither moth not rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;”. Matthew 6:20. I do not believe heaven is a physical place. I believe it’s a state of mind!! Unconditional love, forgiveness, bliss, peace, wisdom, light that we define by words but it’s truly a frequency, a vibration, a song your soul sings and only when you fully release the ego can you radiate that feeling!! What barriers has your ego put in your own way?!? Start looking start asking YOURSELF. God has no welfare system you must become it!!



Interesting he mentions our children learning these negative emotional systems from US. Watch yourself fall into them just for fun! See how we hang onto them . . . What if there was a community all focused on positive vibrations?!? A movement out of these old systems . . . What would we be creating for ourselves!!! It’s up to US!!! God is waiting for us to move ourselves back into the garden of Eden.  PEACE!

Finding Karmic Ties and Spiritual Lessons

I have found this breathwork and meditation technique has sped up my results for finding my ego triggers. After you do the power breaths and take that 5 minutes to do the body scan that’s when I look inside my chakra’s for my karmic lessons and spiritual tests. I use my triggers . . . the things that bug me about other people . . . to look inside myself. Your judgements, your hot buttons, your rubs with other people are like a road map to your own ego bullshit. I don’t just simply try not to get in the wheel of judgement’s or triggers I see why I’m getting in the wheel because it’s something I haven’t learned yet. You can’t just simply say oh that’s not being a nice person and move on . . . it will keep coming back until you recognize you either have behaviors of the asshole you made judgements about or your weak in yourself somewhere and who’s really getting you going is you!! Like be giving but don’t be a doormat . . . be strong in yourself but not overly aggressive . . . balance sounds easy bahaha!! I like to use at least 2 rounds one to find my ego trigger and release any negative emotions from myself. I visualize them all traveling down my spine into the black hole. It’s important to not stay in the guilt, shame, anger when you find you’re an asshole lol. It’s a lesson not a space to stay. The next round I fill myself with love . . . sometimes I picture God pouring out his consciousness from a big vase into my soul. I feel it filling me up from toes up every space every nook and cranny. Shining my light as bright as I can so we all can make each other stronger and God. We are all a flicker of his flame and the more you feed the spirit the brighter and stronger yours burns making his fire bigger and yours. Peace!