What’ your body consist of besides the traditional physical version we all know skin, organs, veins, etc.   Here’s some things you will hear me talking about chakra’s and meridians that maybe you haven’t been introduced to yet.  This is a very short description.  There are 7 major chakra’s although as you spiritually evolve I believe more and more become open and activated.



These must be balanced in your body and open for all of your meridians, poles, organs, tissues, and systems to be fully functioning.  Here is a picture of your bodies meridians and poles.

meridian governingpoles

They relate to the physical components operating at full capacity as well.  Everything works together!  In traditional medicine right here in the US of A all we focus on are symptoms and physical parts not the complete system.  Your body is composed not only of physical elements.  The energetic elements are powerful players even if most people cannot see or feel there existence.

I will say this the sacred vessel is being bombarded on a constant basis.  The food system in the United States is full of genetic modification and laced with chemicals.  I came across a dentist named Weston A. Price a few years ago that got me thinking about nutrition after a slew of allergies and compromised immune system led me looking for answers.  You can find information on http://www.westonaprice.org about his travels and studies of different cultures around the world along with their health.  It’s no surprise the cultures that had been surviving without any processed foods had the best health as well as dental structure!  I bought a cookbook called Nourishing Traditions that made me switch over so many things in my cabinets with scientific information in the sidebars supporting the recipes.

Here’s a snid bit of his research!

Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS

Doctor Weston A. Price, DDS, studied 14 isolated tribes over a period of years in order to learn about how people are affected by diet and nutrition. He determined that traditional diets produce better physical health and emotional stability than do diets based on convenience foods. His findings clearly showed that dental caries (cavities) and deformed dental arches, resulting in crowded, crooked teeth and unattractive appearance, were merely a sign of physical degeneration, resulting from nutritional deficiencies.

Seminole girl raised on traditional diet The “primitive” Seminole girl (left) has a wide, handsome face with plenty of room for the dental arches. The “modernized” Seminole girl (right) born to parents who had abandoned their traditional diets, has a narrowed face, crowded teeth, and a reduced immunity to disease. Seminole girl raised on modern diet

Dr. Price noticed rising numbers of cavities, oral deformation, and patients with poor health in his Cleveland-based dental practice. Searching for the causes of the dental decay and physical degeneration he observed daily in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to study “people with fine teeth”. Dr. Price’s search for truth led him to study isolated “primitives” around the world. His studies were reminiscent of the travels of Charles Darwin, leading Dr. Price to be called the “Charles Darwin” of Nutrition.

One other man I would like to give much love to is Dr. Francis Marion Pottenger.  His research identifies the importance of raw food in the diet.  He did some amazing studies using cats and found that the 100% raw diet group of cats thrived and generation after generation.  I took the information about Dr. Price and Pottenger directly from the website http://www.ppnf.org.

Pottenger’s Research

The following diets were the basis of Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Jr’s study:

THE MEAT STUDY: two diets were used

1/3 raw milk, cod liver oil, 2/3 raw meat

1/3 raw milk, cod liver oil, 2/3 cooked meat

THE MILK STUDY: five diets were used

1/3 raw meat, cod liver oil, 2/3 raw milk

1/3 raw meat, cod liver oil, 2/3 pasteurized milk

1/3 raw meat, cod liver oil, 2/3 evaporated milk

1/3 raw meat, cod liver oil
2/3 sweetened condensed milk

Raw metabolized, vitamin D milk
E1: Milk from cows on dry feed
E2: Milk from cows on green feed

Degeneration proceeded more quickly on Diets C and D. Diet E1 produced unexpected results – rickets and early death of male kittens.


Photo Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation All Rights Reserved

Figure 2.1 shows a cat that has been on a cooked meat diet for over a year. She delivers 6 kittens, 2 of which she eats on the first day. She shows no inclination to care for the remaining. Upon examination, it is found that she is unable to nurse her kittens because her mammary glands present no evidence of preparation for lactation. The four kittens are placed on dropper feedings of cow’s milk on the second day. Three die of diarrhea on the third day. The fourth is placed with the lactating cat shown in the Figure 2.2, but it dies on the fourth day in spite of every attempt on the part of the foster mother to care for it.

Pottenger's Cats figure 2-1

Photo Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation All Rights Reserved

Figure 2.2 shows a raw food fed mother and her four kittens born the day before the ill-fated kittens above. The mother cat is 11 months old and has been fed raw meat, raw milk and cod liver oil since the age of two months. She delivers 6 kittens, losing 2 on account of her failure to rupture the amniotic sac in time. She has large mammae and has no difficulties is nursing her young. Her kittens have broad faces and show excellent skeletal development.

The changes in facial structure and onset of degenerative disease that Pottenger observed in cats on deficient diets paralleled the human degeneration that Dr. Price found in tribes and villages that had abandoned traditional foods.

Dr. Pottenger tried to return degenerating cats to health. He found that it took four generations on raw meat and raw milk to bring the kittens of second-generation degenerating cats back to normal. This experiment could not occur with third-generation degenerating cats because they did not live long enough to reproduce.

To purchase Pottenger’s Cats – A Study in Nutrition, visit the PPNF bookstore.

So guess what we did.  We bought a milk cow and got chickens!  Oh my raw milk absolutely the best.  I started to ferment foods like kombucha and kefir.  We switched from margarine to real butter and although our diets are still not as good as I would have hoped little improvements have been made along the way.  For me I feel best when I eat a diet high in raw fruits and vegetables.  I try to follow the 80/20 rule with 80% raw and 20% cooked foods.  I don’t believe that what works for one person works for everyone though.  Find your own balance that fits you!

I began a little side business sharing my surplus eggs and raw milk that led me to being a part of a farmers market.  I started a little website http://www.organictips.wordpress.com and got involved in the market community.  I found so many people that were already on a higher vibration that introduced me to so many new ideas.  Truly their is a real tangible energetic difference from a tomato you grow from a heritage seed.  When you pour your love your caring into keeping that plant nourished and wrapped in your love the energies from your family and the plants combine making it the best possible way to feed your body.  I even started hunting with my husband.  You cannot imagine the difference in gratitude you must give an animal when you recognize it must die for you to live.  There is a certain energy exchanged when you sincerely appreciate the beauty of mother earth and the gifts she gives you to feed your family.  You cannot buy this at the grocery store.  Trust me anyone who has milked a cow twice a day, raised a garden, loved their critters, or understand the true beauty of hunting to feed your family absolutely knows the difference.  My preference is to have my animals live free range the way they were intended and eat only those resources freely given like eggs or milk.  Picking fruit even when it is so ripe it is almost ready to fall on it’s own.  I do not believe vegetarians are any different than meat eaters it is the consciousness of the taking of the resources.

In preparing and taking in food I consciously send my love, my gratitude, and with my intention change the molecular structure of my foods to best nourish my body.  There are so many studies out there right now that show the actual molecular changes on water with intention alone.  Masaru Emoto has some fascinating information about the molecular structure of water.  I mean really how hard is it to write LOVE or put a HEART on your water bottle.  Even a few words on the cap would change your thought train every time you opened it up for a drink.  This is your body your vessel you only have 1 given to you for this lifetime.  How would you like to structure everything you put inside of it??  I also focus my thoughts especially while eating!  If you are sad or angry or depressed when you take in food the molecular structure is changed to that vibration.  Even feelings like when you eat something you feel like you shouldn’t and your self talk is “this is bad for me.”  Well you just made a double wammy that way by your thoughts!  Food allergies there’s a great way to mess with yourself lol and I know first hand trust me.  When I started making these connections I was like whoa I’m my own worst enemy . . . now I’m my own best friend just by shifting my perspective, thoughts, intentions, and emotions connected with food!


There is also something very fascinating that happens when you have your own little farm.  You must work outside in the dirt with the sun shining on you or wind or snow . . . all fresh air.  This requires your body to move and work.  No office with artificial lighting or computer desk to be bound to all day long!  That quick stop by McDonalds because you don’t have time in your busy schedule does not exist.  Your body needs exercise and the great outdoors.  You were designed for a completely different lifestyle than the average American is living.  Seriously what if you had a spear, 2 hands, and your bare feet to track down and kill a deer to feed your family.  Do you think your coordination, physical ability, and mental focus would be completely different along with the health and fitness of your body??  Most likely these situations fostered a much higher state of consciousness where you called in an animal with your gratitude and love in feeding your family as well as the inner physical warrior!!

You may find yourself like me recognizing you do have to get certain things at the grocery store.  Do not simply just pick out an apple.  Hold it close to your heart chakra and ask silently if it’s nutritious for my body.  You will feel the difference between a yes and a no answer.  If it is a YES you will feel your body physically fall into or towards the food.  If it is a NO you will physically feel a push backwards away from the food.  You may be able to see the energy field around it and pick items that way.  I personally like to support farmers and individuals versus the big food companies.  I understand that monetarily everyone has to make choices on what is affordable.  Do not get lost in the world of I can’t focus on what you can.  Use your mind to infuse your energy and love into everything you eat, do, or cook!  Starting with a simple change of thought is free and easy!

Here is a beautiful little clip off youtube for using this simple technique.

Your body is a temple.  Mother Earth is a temple.  The connection between the 2 is one and the same.  One cannot survive without the other.  The modernization has in the food system led only to diseases as individuals and as a planet.  We will cry about feedlots raising beef on GMO’s and antibiotics, chickens cramped in tight little spaces where they can’t even turn around, and chemicals being sprayed on this soil this sacred Earth.  Well guess what you are that factory chicken living on GMO’s and antibiotics going to your cramped little offices.  Free the animals and appreciate Mother Earth and you will free yourselves and appreciate your bodies spiritually, energetically, and physically.  All the wars the campaigns on illness are devised by the FDA itself.  It’s a trillion dollar industry.

yogaselfjourneyThere are a couple of things that I would like to add here about physical exercise.  Yoga that incorporates opening meridians and breath work is really an amazing and powerful tool!  Being raised by the typical American system this was not anything that was a part of my life.  I just started to add this into my bodily journey although I can’t imagine I didn’t access it in many lifetimes.  I must admit I am absolutely weak and inflexible at this point.  I am looking forward to the benefits of incorporating it into my exercise routine.  Chakra dance is another new element that I would like to add . . . with my barefeet in the sand.  Sounds so beautiful!!  I do believe that there are medicinal qualities to having the soles of your feet planted against the bare surface of the Earth.  Taking walks in nature is totally under rated in my opinion.  The vibrations, movements, and freedom to clear your mind are powerful!

“Everyone should consider his body as a priceless gift from one whom he loves above all, a marvelous work or art of indescribable beauty, and mystery beyond human conception, and so delicate that a word, a look, nay, a thought may injure it.” – Nikola Tesla