If there is a place so very powerful untapped and easily disillusioned it’s the human mind.  Guess who holds the keys to your entrapment or your freedom?  You do!!  You have the power to heal yourself, to make yourself sick, to be rich, to be poor, to find love, to find dysfunctional relationships or healthy relationships . . . whatever it is you are the ultimate construction expert!!  No blaming, no finger pointing, no if’s involved in you consciously creating your own life.  No one is going to heal you.  No miracle pill is going to fix you.  No amount of donated charity money is going to save you.  You are the lock and the key set!!  No excuses!!  This world is simply a construct of your thoughts, your frequency, your vibration and it’s been proven.  We are living in a hologram and you are designing the screen play!

There is no greater power than the power you hold yourself!  No healings ever happen to you . . . you consciously create the healing.  Your DNA can be changed by your mind for those of you who think it’s in my coding I’m doomed to have it at some point or my chances are higher of getting disease xyz.  Nope that’s just what you have been taught!  Investigate for yourself.  Here’s an article link but feel free to google anything up yourself.  You’ll always find MORE!


Your defeat or success is right there in your mind before you ever start.  The battle of illness is a manifestation of your own frequency and vibration.  You created it and YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HEAL YOURSELF!  Honestly even with the chemical laced, gmo ridden, polluted world I have seen amazing things happen just by releasing cellular memories!!

muhammad-ali-quotes-9 pebbleali

“The fight is won or lost far away from the witness’s – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

“Even the greatest was once a beginner, don’t be afraid to take that first step.”

“What you are thinking about, you are becoming” – Muhammad Ali

He has so many more but like many great champions he understood the connection between your mind and your reality.  You are creating your world everyday.  Stop, listen, what are you saying??  What is reflecting??  There are keys in just watching yourself and how you operate.  If you can chuck your ego and take a good hard look at yourself you will see your life is just an orchestration put on by you and your thoughts.  There are several websites with scientific studies that validate the same key points over and over.

aliaffirmationsThere are absolutely keys I believe to making this easier.  For example I started this process and realized I had stuck many self destructive thoughts in my vibration.  I’ll use “I’m not good enough” as an example.  You will be amazed what’s stored in yourself!  So I began reprogramming myself using TAT.  Once you really start watching yourself you will have experiences where this little sucker pops up!  You can watch a link on the MISSION POSSIBLE page that uses this method for PTSD.  I go through the sequencing and completely submerge myself in the depths of the emotion.  You will find that completing the rounds of this sequence with the tapping on key points gets you to a space of calmness.  The experience really is amazing!!

Once you realize you have a negative self image resonating in your frequency another technique I use is something called a temporal tap from Donna Eden’s work.  Here’s a little clip of how this works:

Some thoughts on how to find these little treasures yourself.  Make a list of “up” phrases and “down” phrases.  I will say the surprise maybe that even the “up” phrases are actually “down” phrases.  I’ll use my own to give you an example of how this works and where you can really break yourself down.  These thoughts actually are stored as a frequency and vibration and you are broadcasting them to the world.  You could think of it like putting a “kick me” sticker on your back but it may say “I’m not good enough” or “No one loves me” or “I’m fat” or a million little designs that we can all make!

“Up” phrase:  “You’re a good girl!”

The breakdown – My whole life I have lived in this tight little box of being a good girl, not creating waves, and trying to please everyone.  The people pleaser mentality program running overboard.  GAH!  What are people pleaser’s really . . . for me I didn’t really know who I was so I had to get my validation from others.  Trust me I do not believe helping or doing things for others is wrong but it must be balanced.  I honestly could not say NO to anyone because my self love was so low AND my ego had me hooked into wanting everyone to like me!  I also never realized I was an empath so any criticism splayed on me by anyone I would completely magnify in my own mind!  You have no idea how hard it was for me to simply look in the mirror and say “I love myself”.

“Down” phrase:  “You’re crazy!”

The breakdown – This one seems to have been a little issue my whole life being my parents teased me about being born under a rock lol.  When I woke up a year ago my husband had the joy of being the messenger once again on this one.  Those of you who have “woke up” know what I’m talking about . . . most of you reading this probably have but for the sake of a short explanation to anyone who doesn’t know please read the SOUL STRIP page on my site.  I have figured out that my desire to be the “good girl” has choked a lot of me freely talking about my beliefs out.  No one will understand this.  Everyone will think I am crazy.  Well your ego says you want people to like you.  Guess what world I no longer am the “good girl” and yes absolutely if these beliefs are “crazy” I’ll sign up for that any day of the week.

frequency and vibrationThe interesting thing about duality on this example is that the “down” phrase became my “up” phrase and the “up” phrase became the “down” phrase.  Hahaha in so many ways I have pin pointed these beautiful little beasties of my own little design!!  You can do it too!  Use the tips to clear yourself of what’s actually YOU holding you down!!

I have found that the people in my life, my financial situation, my health, my career, my world are ONLY a reflection of myself!  There is no finger pointing or blaming in this process what-so-ever.  Start listening to people around you they are merely telling you what you believe about yourself.  They are the messenger of your own self talk!!  Thank them for opening up your eyes to the negative beliefs you hold about yourself.  “Well my parents really screwed me up” or “my spouse” or whoever you want to blame for these little beauties you better turn that finger around and point it at yourself.  They are only reflecting what you believe about yourself!  Start listening and then hug them for giving you the secrets.  What you recognize you can change!

When you actually harness the power of your own mind it is simply amazing!  There is a man named Wim Hof who has proven the power of the human mind against illness.  The higher existence website has an amazing article and tips on how to tap into this method of health.  Here is the link:  http://www.highexistence.com/the-wim-hof-method-revealed-how-to-consciously-control-your-immune-system/

We are all capable of using these tools to completely take charge of our health.  In fact it could be used for a whole gammet of things like fear, or anxiety, or panic attacks.  I mean really this form of meditation could cross over to so many other places including soul work.  Stopping the belief systems the karmic binds holding us in this time and space.

Here is a little video on how to use his method!  You can find all kinds of resources online to learn his methods.  We are all capable of this and I absolutely love his drive his goal to share this with the world.

No one is more capable or less capable in this world of achieving the unimaginable . . . ask yourself am I living the life I want to be living??  Where and how am I holding myself back??  What is the world reflecting back about me??  How do I keep getting in the hamster wheel running all day in the same negative frequencies . . . use the power of your own mind GET OUT OF THE WHEEL and trust me I know you may not even understand you’re getting in that wheel running running running until you start looking at yourself from the outside and recognizing how your ego is running the show!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that WE ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.”  Nelson Mandela