Energy medicine for animals!  Yes absolutely!!  Animals are no different than people in holding negative emotions, frequencies, cellular memories, and transferring them from others.  I weave reiki and emotion code together to work with an animal.  I really do love working with critters because they have no consciousness of what is happening!!  They do not work any differently than we do.  They hold negative emotions.  They experience energy from everyone all the time.  There bodies are actually mirrors of us in many ways just like we are all mirrors of each other.  Lots of times a dog will show up with a disease the owner is carrying first because that’s how the field of energy works together!!  We are all in a beautiful weave flowing together all the time.  This includes our animals!!


horsechakraI offer the exact same dogchakrapackages for animals as I do people.  Everything is energy so your current form doesn’t really matter.  I also offer workshops to teach you how to do energy medicine on your pets that allows you to connect energetically sharing love in a new and profound way.

For anyone who enters competitions with their animals a session of energy medicine prior to performance is an excellent addition to their training.  Having all of your energy flowing in perfect balance shows up in the physical ways just like imbalances do!!  The purpose of energy medicine is to improve yourself emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually whether you are an individual or a beautiful animal.


EMAIL Sessions:  I offer a discount for those people who like working over email because honestly I can fit it into my schedule as the time allows.  This makes it easier for me and is really a great way for people who are short on time to fit energy work into there own hectic schedule.  The way this works is you email me outlining specifically what you would like to focus on . . . be it physical like digestive problems, pain, etc. or emotional like obsessive chewing or certain behaviors depression, separation anxiety or coaching how to use energy medicine yourself on your pets that way you can help them in new and profound ways.  It is helpful to email a picture of the pet but it is not a requirement.  The time that is charged is for time it takes for me to do the energy work and type up the results to send back to you.  This can be a very effective and cost efficient way to get the most for your money.  It really lets you and me get to the point without any chatter that is not a beneficial use of your time.

30 Minutes $25

60 Minutes $45

Phone/Skype Sessions:  Please email me or call and we can set up the appointment time for your session as well as get a background on the issues you are looking to focus on!  I like this method because it really allows us to get to know each other more deeply.  Also it allows you to monitor your pet as we work together!  Skype is a fun way to be able to see your pet without the difficulties that travel for either me or the pet.  All the sessions focus on releasing emotional negative vibrations, balancing the chakra’s, meridians, and energy fields which allows for focusing healing energy on any body parts that need additional work.  We will always use whatever time is allowed in the most efficient way!!

30 Minutes $35

60 Minutes $55


  • Get a Distinct Idea of Your Concerns and Goals You Have For Your Pet
  • Clear Negative Emotions Connected to Behavior Issue, Physical Illness, Pain or Trauma that is Happening.
  • Assess the Energetic Body and Remove Blockages in the Flow of Energy
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Check Meridians
  • Focus Chi or Life Force Energy

This will be as time allows of course and I will do my best to fit in as much as possible to stretch you dollar!

Workshop Basics I:

Negative emotions often show up as illness or behavior disorders.  Learn how to remove these negative emotions from your pet.  The chakra’s are energy centers that can easily be balanced without any prior knowledge of how energy works.  Learn the techniques to use on your pet.  Understand how to determine using energy which are the best supplements and foods for your pet.  Learn how to use chi or life force energy to focus healing energy on areas that need attention.  This can be especially helpful for healing physical injuries or after surgeries.  $45

This is a 3 hour class and the dates/times will be posted as they come available.

To contact me feel free to call, text, or email:

Marlene Eckel, RMT, MSH

cell:  (928) 713-7654


skype: marlene.eckel78





The energy medicine modalities I use are not to replace regular veterinary care. They are non-medical modalities which complement all healing methods, including traditional veterinary medicine and are a valuable component of an integrative approach to healing and health maintenance.

I do not diagnose or treat any Animal Medical Problem as defined by Arizona’s Veterinary Practice Act. If your animal does have an Animal Medical Problem, Arizona’s Veterinary Practice act allows me, as a practitioner of alternative or complementary methods, to work on your animal with a referral from your veterinarian.

I am not a medical doctor nor am I a licensed healthcare professional.

Please seek appropriate medical care for your animal.