Simply awakening the inner healer and inspiring people to empower themselves to take back their power and end all the patterns that stand in their way of health, success, bliss, love, prosperity, and peace.  All of these keys are locked inside of you the individual.  You have all the keys and it is only a matter of showing you how to use them to unlock all the doors you place in your own way.  In studying energy, the body, and spiritual healing I use a combination of techniques by many key holders that have come into my path.  I am continually learning more!!

THE GOAL OF EACH SESSION:  None of us have been taught to look inside ourselves to unlock our subconscious mind.  That’s where the truth is hiding under the self created illusions of the conscious mind our own ego.  Goals are in red and the main method I use to access this information are highlighted in green.  How many we can hit in a session vary according to the client and their place on the path.  My personal recommendation is the 1 1/2 hr sessions.

  • Access your energetic system and what pathways are blocked.  Eden Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  • Remove any lower vibration emotions that are connected to the physical illness or situation in question.   Body Code and Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Wilson
  • Make connections between your physical body and the energetic bands that are self created that are tweaking your physical body out of it’s correct placement or the proper blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients for the organ to properly function that leads to the illness.  Access your subconscious mind to find the cellular memory that are holding those energetic bands in place.  QuantumPathic Consciousness by Sherry Anshara
  • All cellular memories are keys to repeat patterns that you have been doing for perhaps lifetimes continuing to be in the same rut same routines same situations because their is a lesson a karmic tie that needs to be addressed.  Until you make the connections you cannot understand the message that leads to forgiveness, unconditional love, and truly connecting the dots so you can get out of that repeat pattern!  These repeat patterns always show up as a dysfunction be it physical illness, spiritual illness, emotional illness, relationships or life situations! QHHT by Doreen Cannon
  • Uncover the alignment of your chakra’s and what area’s require self work to have inner balance with yourself, others, the divine, and the earth.  Inspired by Reiki but more intuitive energy work than a recognizable system.
  • Self healing methods you can use at home and in your life are given all throughout the session.  The whole purpose of the sessions are to simply give you tools to do your own soul work!  You really are your own healer it’s just the misinformation you have been given that leaves your subconscious mind “sleeping” because you have been taught to give your own personal power away your whole life.  Recognizing you create your reality that’s powerful in itself!    

Just some additional information for those interested in reading more these are the healing philosophies I have come to love and admire!!  I weave a combination of these elements in all of my sessions regardless of the initial question or underlying issue.  All the components together involve a complete clearing as long as you are ready!!  If your not ready you’ll understand why your in the pattern and how you created it even if you keep doing it lol!!


Then this beautiful lady Linda Evans crossed my path and I attended a series of classes on Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Crystal Healing.  She was a phenomenal instructor linking so many things together for me.  Here is her website link and much love to her from me!

reikiworks energybeing energyfield

We worked on our classmates doing healing work.  Of course I say healing work but I want to be clear.  You the individual are the healer.  No one can heal you!  You can be surrounded by a higher frequency and in a loving environment that promotes your own healing and helps you to recognize those energetic shut downs or heavy cellular memories holding you down.  It is more of an awakening of your own powers though than anything else.  Reiki is an exciting healing modality I am grateful to include in my work.  Through her classes I really began to understand how energy, karma, and emotions are weaves so beautifully together.


Dr. Nelson Bradley has devised an incredible system to understanding the body.  Really and truly how he connects to your subconscious mind is phenomenal.  It is the best way to get right to the heart of the problem in a serious short amount of time.  Do I use this system absolutely!!

Here’s a little clip of him using the body code and mind maps to find out the underlying issues to a physical problem.  This is a component of the system that I use in identifying what your subconscious tells us!!  The answers all come from you by your response to muscle testing.  Here’s a clip of him at work:

Here is a clip about the how’s and why’s of the body code by Dr. Nelson:

You can watch actual live examples of him at work and the scientific answer to why this works all over youtube!  His website is


Sherry Anshara is another beautiful person that opened up another element of healing.  She weaves in some really powerful elements to me in healing!  The release of cellular memories by visiting those experiences locked in the subconscious and releasing them through conscious awareness, wordology including unconditional love and forgiveness, plus SOUND!  This combination of healing is truly amazing and deeply profound!  As a student in her class she also gave us an amazing book “The Age Of Inheritance” she wrote that so beautifully and simply defines the movement of consciousness into the 13 chakra system.  Truly grateful!  She really made me recognize how and where I had given my personal power away to other people in my life.  She lit a fire inside my inner healer with her methods and waking me to MY OWN ILLUSIONS!  You are the conscious creator of your life!!

Her methods of cellular discovery are a lower level that can be done over the phone or skype.  This introduces you to the idea of different levels of consciousness and how to start getting messages about your repeat patterns.  To complete the wheel if you are already on this path you have to be able to look deeper into this than just the cellular memory to get the message.  This can be done if you are in a space where you have started to recognize your own illusions.  I have found most people are not that intuitive yet so I highly recommend the QHHT besides the fact this opens the space for your higher self to receive healing work form “source”.

You can explore her website at


Energy Medicine by Donna Eden was initially a book that was given to me by my Aunt.  I could identify with it right away.  Her methods and techniques for reconnecting energy really spoke to me.  I am currently enrolled in her Certification Program.  She truly see’s the connections between the energy field and blocked pathways.  I am excited to implement her techniques in my program!  There is also an amazing amount of work she has done with David Feinstein called “Energy Psychology”.  When you get involved in deep life patterns energy begins to flow in consistent ways.  The energy has to be reprogrammed using specific systems.  To get an idea of how amazing tapping energy points most commonly known as accupressure points can be this is a video on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder working with vets.  Truly fascinating work!!

For more information their website is


Something I am totally excited to incorporate too is this new little discovery by coming across Dolores Cannon.  I highly recommend her daughter’s book “Soul Speak” as well as ALL of her other beauties plus her youtube video’s.  I love hearing her talk about tapping into this cosmic consciousness!  Besides it’s so nice to hear someone else is receiving the same messages.  There’s not a whole lot of people you can talk too about that kind of stuff and I love how she’s educating people!!  Her technique is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).  It involves a hypnosis therapy to access your subconscious mind.  That’s so important!!  That’s a huge key in releasing your karmic lessons.  Especially when you can see that your body is trying to tell you something.  It also makes it so much more understandable for people to connect with themselves this way.  I get messages about karmic ties and spiritual tests about people all the time even when I tell them and muscle test it still seems to be a well maybe that’s true or if you use lower levels of accessing your consciousness you will only still see 1 SIDE OF THE COIN and that still leaves you blaming other people.   Unless you really know you put this situation in your path to teach you how to love deeper it’s not completing the karmic wheel and so it spins on.  That’s not healing!  This allows YOU TO TELL YOU it’s just communication on a different level we are not yet accustomed to thinking about . . . yet.

This method involves deep hypnosis to get the answers from your higher self.  You will be traveling through different lifetimes to get your own message.  The session is recorded.  This also opens the time and space for the higher self to do healing work and that is where amazing things happen!

Here are a few examples of how this works for people who are new to this concept.

  • You fell deeply in love and your partner cheated on you in this lifetime.  This has caused tremendous grief for you and damage to your heart.  This has manifested as heart palpitations.  In the session you visit a past life where you cheated on your spouse.  You SET this up!!
  • You are a homosexual.  You carry around anger about your sexuality and the people who judge you or would judge you if you came in the open about it.  I will say this too about sexuality.  There are feminine and masculine sides of each and every single one of us!  This idea of straight or gay is just another way to create division.  LOVE IS LOVE!!  So in a past life you were part of a religious system that gave you the belief system homosexuals are to be shunned.  You made judgement’s after judgement’s about gay people.  You wrote your homosexuality in your life script so you get to feel the opposite side of the coin.  You higher self in the session will go to the lifetime and give you the message.  This allows you to see yourself as the homosexual as well as person who made the judgements!!  That way you see if you can forgive and move deeper into unconditional love.  This also opens the space for this higher power to do healing work on the physical repercussions of the anger you kept hanging onto!
  • A spiritual test is involved in all lifetimes.  Let’s say you are a walking doormat.  You do not stick up for yourself.  You continually get “used” by people.  Well guess what you get to stick in that wheel until you get the message.  You will hear YOU TELLING YOU this in your voice recording in your session because you will be in a deep state of subconsciousness you most likely will not remember most of it so the recording allows you to listen and learn when you are in your conscious state.  That’s where you have to do your soul work in your life.  Move yourself out of the victim wheel and into the self empowerment wheel.  No one makes you do anything you simply cannot say no or stand up for yourself.  You might as well stick an energetic sticker on your back that says “take advantage of me”.

We have incarnated in a physical body many times to learn lessons by karma and spiritual tests.  The physical illness is a way for our body to get our attention.  Even birthmarks are just keys to a past life event and these have been known to disappear during treatments when the message is given to the conscious mind.  In this therapy they have seen birthmarks disappear once the conscious mind gets the message.  Your body renews itself every 30 days!!

Here’s a link to Dolores Cannon talking about this type of healing work.  IT IS PROFOUND WHAT HAPPENS!!  I will ONLY do this type of work in person since it hits such a deep level of consciousness.  If you are on skype and the internet service goes out or you drop the phone in deep trance absolutely NO WAY I WOULD TAKE THAT RISK!!

This little clip is with Dolores Cannon explaining using these methods for healing.  What to expect and what not to expect from a session.  I think she really eloquently outlines how and why you are your own healer!  Not everyone is ready to accept this information and give up their ego systems.  Any of the video’s you can watch of her’s are so educational.  This experience in this dimension is so much different than we have been led to believe and now science is getting online giving us the quantum physics explanations.  These are exciting times!!

There truly are so many amazing new cutting edge healing technologies breaking through the surface!!  It is really a combination of these methodologies that have become my best friends!  The world of healing is changing and thank goodness really because so many people are tired of getting no answers!!

Healing Philosophy:  There is a certain element of healing that I do not agree with that most people happen to automatically believe without questioning.  The belief that someone heals you is absolutely making someone else responsible for you!  You are responsible for you and no one else!!  You are your own healer you just haven’t recognized it because you have been taught your whole life to give your personal power away to the medical community, to your parents, your boss, your government, your whoever or whatever.  Discoveries can be made and someone helping you truly interested in you and radiating love can help facilitate answers but ultimately you must take the wheel and make the changes.  We must be gentle and compassionate with all parts of ourselves . . . even those parts we may internally hate.  By working with ourselves solutions will surface!  In the generations to come self healing techniques will be common knowledge and no one will have to go anywhere to discover underlying issues.  As the planet and individuals make shifts these different keys must be taught.  My ultimate goal is for you to recognize how to utilize the techniques of discovery access the answers within and then know the actions you need to take to HEAL YOURSELF! . . . and then you complete the wheel by making the life changes and HEAL YOURSELF!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined . . . live your beliefs and you can turn the world around.”  Henry David Thoreau

For sessions with me I can be reached by email at or cell 928-713-7654.  In unlocking the doors there are so many keys free of charge.  I have put as much information as possible on here for those self learners.  You can become your own healer absolutely positively.  I have learned an amazing amount of things by simply by reading, watching youtube, AND USING THE TOOLS!!