I’m not talking about clothes here . . . sorry if anyone was worked up for that lol!  I’m talking about layers of your soul right here.  All of our experiences are locked up here in the spirit.  I like to think of the chakra system like a DVD where experiences and emotions are stored from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  This is such a simple way to understand how positive emotions raise your vibration and negative emotions lower it.  Your spiritual energetic body is all explainable by science by the way.  This isn’t hocus pocus!  Think of it like this because visuals make things more understandable and explainable for me.

learn-alchemy-27-638 bar magnet

In this second picture I would like you to envision that solenoid as you.  The chakra’s are the copper wires.  Yes these are around your body just most people can’t see them.  When you have a negative experience or emotion stored in one of these wires the copper plate cannot spin as fast.  When you think negative thoughts you are putting the brakes on your electrical and magnetic system.  When you have positive thoughts you are speeding up the vibration.  Your whole body is run off of this system and that’s the simple explanation as to why free energy is possible!  The more you clear your system of all the negative gunk holding you down the better your physical body can run!!

I want you to imagine the chakra’s like the rings around Saturn except they are able to open and contract.  If these rings contracted against Saturn think what would happen to the planet itself.  If they were rivers they would be cut off . . . this is your blood flow, meridians, lymphatics, etc.  If there were mountains they would be squished . . . these are your organs.  I want you to think about what happens when someone hurts your feelings.  Your mother, father, spouse, boss or just whoever just yelled at you and made you feel shame, or guilt, or not good enough.  Guess what happens your heart chakra just contracted.  You just affected your energetic field that is directly connected to your physical vessel.  The more that happens the more liable you are for heart and lung problems.  Here’s another example you are a homosexual and can’t come out with your sexuality because you are worried about what people think or your parents being wigged out or whatever.  You cannot speak your truth!  Now what . . . thyroid problems and all the diseases that can happen there even cancer tumors.  Can cancer be involved in the spirit?  Well ya!!  Imagine you are raped and unfortunately that leads to getting pregnant.  You decide to get an abortion.  Somewhere in your subconscious mind you never get rid of the guilt of killing a life.  You stuff the experience under the rug and as time goes on it gets easier.  It’s still there in your subconscious mind and stored in your sacral chakra!  20 years go by and your in for a yearly exam with the gynecologist . . . sorry for the guys out there who are reading this it’s most likely a stretch but guess what comes back uterine cancer.  Physical diseases are created by us and can be cured by us!


This picture I got from a book called “Soul Speak” by Julia Cannon.  It is the most accurate representation of the chakra’s as vortex’s I have ever seen.  The disks are where all of are akashic records, karmic ties, spiritual tests, etc. are all stored.  The physical feeling that happens when these chakra vortex’s spin explains all physical disease.  When I am talking to someone and their heart chakra shuts down it is like someone is stepping on my chest and pulling these energetic vortex spirals like a tornado.  So their is a physical weight on my chest and a pulling around my shoulders.  If you have hunched shoulders that’s the energetic band pulling you.  This makes it physically hard to breath and the heart to pump depending on the intensity of the emotional overload.  This affects the physical alignment of the body as well.  You know when you go to the chiropractor and they put you all into place and then a few days later you are a complete mess again.  Until you fix the emotional trigger that spins these vortex’s in your energetic field you are simply applying a band aid to yourself.  Guaranteed if you have a pace maker that sucker goes off every time your heart chakra shuts down.  Or the throat chakra when it closes up because someone isn’t expressing what they feel.  This is that same pressure right on the thyroid with the pulling on the back of my neck and base of the skull.  There are a whole slew of diseases that the thyroid is connected to besides neck problems.  These energy fields open and close all the time as you experience emotions!!  The emotional triggers are all set up by lessons you have not learned in your “physical experience” to deepen yourself “spiritually”.  Everything is eloquently and beautifully interconnected!

So what am I talking about here then with this SOUL STRIPPING!

  • Going deep inside your subconscious mind and releasing stored cellular memories.  Understand how emotional triggers are sending you messages and what those are so you can remove the trigger and energetic shutdown that is leading to the physical, mental, or emotional disease.
  • Understanding the how, when, where and why’s of your karmic ties and spiritual tests you set up for yourself.
  • Getting down to the very core of your existence on this planet.
  • Educating yourself on exactly how connected you are to yourself and everyone else.
  • Getting down and dirty with the best and worst parts of yourself so you can make changes instead of sticking in the same ruts.
  • Learning how to take off the human ego to see yourself objectively.
  • Dealing with situations and people in a completely new way.
  • Changing the way you see yourself and everyone else.  The separation between us and other’s is an illusion.  We are ALL mirror’s of each other reflecting the lessons we need to learn.
  • End the system of judgement’s and the blame game because you connect the dots.  You recognize where you are the abuser and abused, the victim and victimizer, the attacked and attacker, etc.  That’s where true forgiveness is found and unconditional love!
  • Stop running programs: lack, take away, self punishment, abandonment, fake validations.  Reclaim your personal power as the conscious creator of your experience in this dimension.

This is what happened to me when I woke up in 2014.  Yes there is a physical birth and a spiritual birth.  I really started to see the world differently!  All the sudden I made connections between the judgement’s I had made and how I was guilty of everything I pointed the finger about.  I could see all the situations that seemed to be roadblocks that were just a chain of events where I was the victim and victimizer, the abuser and the abused, the guilty and the innocent . . . like everything I had built my belief systems just fell out from underneath me.  I took a good hard look at myself.  Got outside of myself looking in and was amazed just how beautiful time and space eloquently lays it all out for you!  I could see how different people were me in certain ways and I was them and we were all connected together!

I began to look at the JUDGEMENT’S as a tool back into UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND FORGIVENESS!!  I mean really I can pinpoint where every judgement I have made I have been guilty of myself.  This love and forgiveness has been begging to be recognized.  Have you ever met someone and they set off all your judgement triggers!  You are like a weapons site setting bombloveanddeattachs off . . . those are people who are showing you the spaces you don’t like about yourself.  This could be in the form of a karmic lesson or a hurdle you haven’t been able to jump.  This situation keeps showing up begging for you to figure it out.  Gah!!  I mean really do I have to fess up to this lol.  Yes absolutely not to anyone but God and you have to make changes.  I will tell you every time you make judgement’s about someone you are hurting yourself.  Emotions carry a weight and if you think about this every time you want to open your mouth and unleash them just picture adding another weight in your backpack.  Everyone will find this to be true if they truly strip off their ego and look inside!  What really gets under your skin about someone really start checking it out and you will find lessons.  Your biggest enemy is your greatest teacher seriously!

I began to understand that I was my own judge, jury, and executioner and the belief systems were just validating programs I kept running!  I still have to work on these and watch myself all the time . . . thitollesufferings is a work in progress for me.  I pick up new information all the time and new ways of being the conscious creator!  Another interesting fact about the human ego that I figured out is just how much it wants to control everything.  I do believe we are all of GOD and capable of miracles just like Jesus or any of the other great teachers who walked the earth in “christ consciousness” but there is a line where you must hand everything over to GOD!  All I am doing here is laying bricks being the best I can be in this world.  That’s it!  I mean so much suffering is just self created.  It’s an attachment to something going our way.  Division is created by this ego minded need to be right.  Well newsflash there is no right or wrong!  No high or low!  No system of who’s better than who!  We are all equal and when we come to respect each other’s right to live the way that person see’s fit the suffering wheel stops.  The need to judge to argue becomes pointless.  We are all just living in peace respecting how each other want to live.  Guess what God has an incredible system to teach us all we need to know!

Can you sit on the couch eating twinkies and accomplish ascension and self healing?!?  I mean really I am just going to sit here and manifest this everything I ever wanted is coming to me.  I suppose their are different believes about this.  Mine is no sorry God’s system isn’t anywhere close to the welfare system.  I only believe in charity that empowers people anyway.  You have to take action!  “God can’t help those who won’t help themselves.”  You may have to do it all yourself but the keys are all over!  That’s what we should be doing just simply passing on information about how to awaken your own inner healer.  Your body is a beautiful system and must be treated on the whole not in parts.  If you simply change your eating patterns and not your thoughts complete healing cannot happen.  If you change your thoughts and nutrition but do not heal your soul you cannot completely heal.  You maybe wandering what does nutrition have to do with Spirit??  Everything you put in your body has a vibration and pure foods have a higher vibration than GMO laden pesticide ridden foods.  Even animals being abused enters their cellular memory and their vibration.  You take that pain and suffering in along with chemicals, antibiotics, and GMO’s and then we all wander why am I sick?  When animals are treated with love, gratitude and pure foods those vibrations are also held in their vibration.  Everything and everyone is connected!

pematoknowawyWell what am I doing here??  Is it a career goal, a big house, a fancy car, some nice vacations . . . I mean really how do you validate yourself.  Those are just programs that have been fed to you to keep you in the ego way.  I will say here too that I believe that abundance or lack is all yours and God wants you to live in abundance!  Their is a difference here though in needing material things to validate yourself.  To me true abundance involves living in a space where we shed off the ego and awaken the inner God/Goddess.  That includes understanding that abundance is ending the systems of destruction to our would, ourselves, and each other.  I am working towards that goal because I think there are people who also believe in this same way.  I have no interest in convincing people who love the way things are or like the world they live in to change.  We all have our own way!  I myself am still at the understanding that this journey is simply a system to grow unconditional love and forgiveness.  To me this is the key to understanding your life purpose.  Stopping the karma wheel stopping the stored emotions that slow down your vibration detachand manifest as physical problems is true healing.  Don’t get me wrong any changes will help and make you stronger but a complete program that is where true success and ascension occur.  We are all connected by our heart chakra’s like a complete galaxy.  By healing yourself by making true peace with yourself we can expand the field of true unconditional love, bliss, forgiveness, and peace throughout the world and raise our vibration into the next dimension and out of the enslavement of time and space as well as the 3rd dimension!  Do you understand your own soul work is exponential!

I am definitely not “there” yet and my stop is going from knowing and understanding to implementing all of these lessons together.  I do not eat perfect.  I am not a perfect person.  I fry out with my kids sometimes.  I go shopping and buy things that will contribute to the major amounts of trash on this Earth.  I am a work in progress and I am compassionate to myself.  I strive every day to become more and more centered and grounded because until then these are merely philosophies.  I hope you understand though that you can start wherever you are on the path and just continue to GROW!

There are all kinds of things that will begin to happen as your raise your vibration and frequency and spiritually evolve.  You will embrace this world with joy and love!  You will realize that there is no such thing as time and space.  You will be of the world but no longer in it as you have experienced and therefor no longer allow your emotions to be controlled by people or situations.  As you become more involved in spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, tummo breathwork, and grow toward true unconditional love you will find a new world you never expected!  You will activate chakra’s, the pineal gland, and become stronger physically, mentally, energetically and spiritually.  You will realize you are the gate, the gatekeeper, and the traveler of your own experience.

“As I walked out the door toward the gate that I knew would lead to my own freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my hatred and bitterness behind, I would still be in prison.”  Nelson Mandela